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Our Partnership with EcoFusion

Since 2023, Wayne Termite & Pest Control has partnered with EcoFusion Pest Control to offer combined services that prioritize eco-friendly solutions. Together, they offer a range of services that target common pests such as termites, bed bugs, rodents, and ants. They also provide additional specialty services such as mosquito and tick control and wildlife removal. The partnership is committed to providing pest control services that prioritize safety and sustainability. They use eco-friendly products and methods as much as possible, allowing customers to maintain a pest-free environment without compromising their health or the environment. Additionally, the partnership employs skilled and experienced technicians who are trained to identify and eliminate pest issues effectively. They provide exceptional customer service, offering tailored solutions and educating customers to prevent future pest infestations. Overall, the Wayne Termite & Pest Control partnership with EcoFusion Pest Control has been successful in providing reliable, eco-conscious pest control services that prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

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